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In life there are unexpected circumstances that force you to take action. For those moments you may need extra cash that you don’t count with. Everyone’s been there. Auto Loan Store has an easy, responsible and quick solution for you. With an auto title loan, you can handle your problem immediately. Don’t be fooled by the word “auto”, after all you’ll be able to keep your car when you come to us. However, this is a tool you can use in order to take care of your contingency. Our efficient and professional team will aid you in making the process as easy as ever. If you’re not familiar with auto title loans, read further to learn more about this safe and timely solution. 

An auto title loan, is a secured loan granted with the submission of your car title. You turn in your title for a period of time, and get your cash advance. We are glad to aid responsible customers who are in a predicament. While there are other more traditional places like banks that could lend you the money, the process is much more complex and lengthier. Plus, they could reject your request on the basis of credit. The pre-requisites are far more extensive as well. At Auto Loan Store, we’re the opposite of that. We won’t deny your request on the basis of credit, and the requirements for approval are far simpler. When taking out an auto title loan, make sure you bring the following things: 

• Clear Florida Motor Vehicle Title
• Valid driver’s license & vehicle registration
• Two current utility bills in your name at your home address
• Two current paycheck stubs or two current bank statements
• Car insurance & complete a secure online application

Is that all there is, you ask? Are there more pro’s? Of course, there are.  

  • 12 months simple interest amortized loan
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 10 day grace period on all payments
  • Loan interest pro rated if paid off early
  • 25 minute loan process – start to finish
  • No payments for 30 days
  • Storefront & online licensed lender
  • Trouble paying? we’ll work with you

Weight the pro’s and con’s yourself. Oh wait, there are no cons! For more information on how you can take out an auto title loan, contact Auto Loan Store at (954) 785-3138. Our wonderful staff will assist you in a timely an efficient manner. Plus, with us you can expect fast & easy approval, no credit check, low monthly payments, same day funding, continue to drive your car, and as low as 2.19 percent monthly. Should you need to get over a hump in life, and need the help of advanced cash with an auto tile loan, don’t doubt, and don’t wait any longer, we’re glad to help you in the process.

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