How to Get a Car Title Loan: 6 Simple Steps

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Money may make the world go round, but for 76 percent of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, money can be tight as the month drags on. When unexpected bills pop up, or when you’ve had a shorter paycheck than normal, you may have trouble figuring out how to make ends meet. Did you know that you could can get quick funding through car title loans? If you’ve never gotten a loan on car title in Fort Lauderdale, you may not be sure how the process works. At Auto Loan Store, we’re here to make loans as easy as possible. You can take a look at our simple 6 step guide on how to get a car title loan in Fort Lauderdale:

  1. Determine how much you need. Before you even start applying for your car title loan, you’ve got to determine how much you need. Your car title loan should help you make ends meet, so you want to seek the perfect balance in your loan.
  2. Check your vehicle’s title. At Auto Loan Store, we offer car, truck and motorcycle title loans for vehicle owners who have the free and clear title to their vehicle. If your title features an “and” with a second person on the paper, they’ll need to be included on your loan.
  3. Get a head start online. Getting started on your auto title loan is simpler than you’d think. All you need to do is fill out our online form to start the auto loan application. Then, you just need to gather a few pieces of paperwork to complete your application.
  4. Apply in-person and receive approval within minutes! Because we fund our own loans at Auto Loan Store, there’s no need for a long bank runaround. Instead, we can review and approve your loan within as little as 25 minutes.
  5. Don’t worry about credit. Because your loan on car title in Fort Lauderdale is based on your vehicle’s equity, there’s no need for a credit check. Our lenders are focused on helping you get the quick same day loans you need, not denying you financing because of credit history.
  6. Get your cash and keep driving your car! Our auto title loans can be wired into your account within just a few short hours. Of course, as you’re paying off your auto title loan, you’ll never lose the keys to your car. As long as you keep making your timely payments, you can keep driving your car as normal!

At Auto Loan Store, we know that financial hard times can fall on people all throughout Fort Lauderdale. When you’re having a hard time making ends meet, don’t fall behind on your bills or avoid paying those surprise expenses. Instead, you can count on our quick and easy auto title loans. Call us today at (407) 901-7474 to get started!

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